Our show is informative educational exciting engaging

Speaker had excellent rapport with the students and crowd control.

Thanks for making science fun and easy to understand. We would have loved to see more.

Perfect presentation geared for middle school students.

Fantastic, entertaining, informative.

Great demonstration, even the quiet kids participated.

Students truly are engaged.

Grade appropriate, great experiments, very educational – touches on many science standards.  Thank you for making this possible!

He did a fantastic job of engaging students in learning about science.

Vocabulary used was at the student’s level of understanding.  Lots of information provided with hands on examples.

Thank you for knowing your audience.

Good at getting the kids into the program!

Thanks for another fun and informative show!

Very educational for our students.

Great presentation for the kids as it was practical and purposeful for our middle school curriculum.

Great interaction with students. Providing websites for instructions also helpful.

This is one of the finest programs ever! Mike has a tremendous ability connecting with kids. Great and memorable lesson!